Philly Beer Week 2011 Preview

Well, it only took a couple of weeks, but we finally made it through all the events listed on the Philly Beer Week website.  And I must say, it’s daunting.  So we decided to give you our top selections for each day, with no particular bias toward any one establishment or featured brewery. 

Top “3”

We started under the notion that this would just be a simple Top 3 list for each day, but frankly, that’s impossible.  There are simply too many “epic”, “can’t miss”, “are you serious?!?” events to choose just 3, so we added 5 honorable mentions to each day.  Especially since PBW is spread out across so many areas of Southeastern PA, and not everyone has a limo driver.

You can download and print the list as either a 1 page Excel file (recommended – as the electronic version will also have drop-down sorting, and the events’ descriptions embedded as comments) – or as a PDF file

Here’s a visual …

We hope to cross paths with many of you over the next 10 days – so if you see someone wearing a black Gateway Beers shirt, stop over and say Yo…

And follow us on Twitter as we’ll be updating our adventures & whereabouts throughout the week –

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2 Responses to Philly Beer Week 2011 Preview

  1. The Wookie says:

    Nicely done!

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