I Heart Beer!

Ah Valentine’s Day… it’s all about flowers and chocolate, right?  Whole cone hop flowers and chocolate stouts are truly romantic, aren’t they… I’m so glad there’s a special occasion to celebrate them.

Whaaaaat…  is that wrong?  Thinking about beer for the most romantic day of the year??  Absolutely!  Don’t feel guilty – it’s perfectly natural.  And much more so than the unconscious desire to buy roses & overpriced chocolate-covered strawberries, and then hanging out in the Hallmark store for far too long searching for a card that doesn’t ooze cheese. 

So if you want to impress your luva this V-Day, pick up a nicely decorated bucket, and stuff it with some of the following delicious craft beers – toss in some baby’s breath, and you may have a better aphrodisiac than a plate of oysters.

Top Valentine’s Day Beers: 

  • Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout – leads you on with the name, and then teases you with just a touch of cocoa, along with dark fruity Belgian yeast qualities.  A temptress, no doubt.  7% ABV.
  • Kasteel Rouge – Not for everyone, but if your partner loves sweet cherries, do NOT miss this one.  8% ABV.
  • Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout – A classic… rich, dark chocolate up front, with a vinous/ red wine like finish – does it get more V-Day than that?  10% ABV.
  • Voodoo Love Child – a Belgian Tripel … in case your partner is into Europen threesomes – at 10.5% ABV, this just might lead to one.
  • A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – as if the NAME doesn’t say it all, it’s one of the best (and highest ABV) “American Hefeweizens” … otherwise known in beer geek circles as an American Pale Wheat Ale.  7.5% ABV
  • Bell’s Two Hearted Ale – Ok, so there’s a fish on the label…  But if your significant other digs amazingly delicious IPAs (and/or fly fishing), they’re gonna love you for it.  7% ABV.

If this sampling has started to light your fire, feel free to download this lovingly-prepared list of about 50 Valentine’s Beers…  Bring along a nice food pairing, and your partner will be all over your junk this year – We promise!!

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4 Responses to I Heart Beer!

  1. how could you have missed the Sonoran White Chocolate Ale?

    Official Craft Brewery of the Arizona Centennial™
    “Drinking Locally Has Never Tasted So Good!”™

    • Great point – I brought one of those home w/me after I visited your brewery last May – what an amazingly unique Pale Wheat Ale! Your place was fantastic, too – loved the huge & diverse beer selection! The most un-pretentious place I’ve ever visited in Scottsdale. Alas, this blog just recommends beers that are available to our fans here in PA. Cheers!

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  3. Reblogged this on Hoppy Girl Brewing and commented:
    I Heart Bacon covered in dark chocolate as much as I Heart a great Craftbeer!

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