New Year’s Brews

So we’ve done some pretty detailed write-ups lately suggesting a ton of beers for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas… so why not do the same for New Years Eve?!?

No long write ups this time – we’re just a few hours away from that ball dropping, so let’s get you down to business with 20 great beers to pick up, so you can say “Screw that Champagne hangover” and pop the cork on a top-notch BEER to kick off the New Year! 

The following 20 beers were selected from over 3000 in the Gateway Beers “Beer Selector” – No detailed reviews here, as you simply can’t go wrong with any of them.   The only thing you can go wrong with is wasting $20 on a bottle of champagne (or “sparkling wine beverage”) when you could be really enjoying one of these…

Download the full  lineup here – New Years Brews for 2012 – which includes ratings and links to each beer’s reviews on Beer Advocate.


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