Philly Beer Week 2010

We’re taking a little break this week from our weekly Style write-up to give a recap of the GREATEST BEER SCENE IN THE WORLD.   Philly Beer Week 2010 rolled in with several months of insane hype and anticipation, and guess what … It delivered!

Here’s our quick take on the best-of-the-best over these past 10 days…

Best Opening Day, aka “Hammer of Glory Tour” Event: There was a Blackhawk Down! at Kite & Key as Tröegs took over and brought a firkin of their Scratch Beer 31, “Citra of Brotherly Love IPA”, along with having Nugget Nectar cask and many others


Best HoG Transfer: Standard Tap via Zipline to The Foodery (in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video –

Most “Economical” HoG Transfer: (tie) Bella Vista‘s handcart with Kevin Romer (aka The Big Beer Guy), and then the Hawthorne’s growler run…  Video –

Did that really happen???:  LCB agents and police in bullet proof vests at Opening Tap … fur reo-FUR REO?!?

Best Event: (tie) Vintage Beer Night at Nodding Head, aka “Sam, Tomme, and Old Beer”;  and The Great Lambic Summit  … on the same freaking night!

Best New Joint:  Really hard to make this call, but between the record Bell’s event and having Deschutes, the award goes to City Tap House.  You guys better keep up with the great craft beer lineup after the kids come back in the Fall… Philly’s watching you, Focker!

Best Collective “Woo-Hoo!”: (tie) The official release of both Founders KBS (finally!) and Russian River Registration

Hidden Gem: Port Brewing’s Mongo DIPA…Wow, was that delicious or what?  Tomme Arthur says we’ll continue seeing it, although not in the same volumes of some of the others in their lineup

Most Hyped Event:  Bell’s 31 Flavors at City Tap House – Baskin Robbins aint’ got nuthin’ on that one (and p.s., Nice try Collin – valiant!!)

Most Historic Event: McGillin’s 150th Anniversary Event – complete with nearly every Rock Star in the Philly Beer scene, plus Clydesdales from that really big brewery in St. Louis! 

He is, The Most Interesting Man in the Philly Beer Week: “I don’t always wear a hat, but when I do, I prefer my Beer Hat.”

Most Buzzed Off-Register Brewery: Deschutes … Hey guys, you can go ahead and start shipping here now.  We officially love you. 

Most Buzzed Off-Register Beer: (tie) BrewDog’s Sink the Bismarck! and Tactical Nuclear Penguin … (Tokyo* was PISSED that they were there)

Best “Not a Philly Beer Week Event” Event: (3 way tie) Capone’s events with rarities from Cigar City, Boon, and Founders …  Matt’s so busy, he just doesn’t have TIME to list everything formally through PBW (or something like that)

Best Tweaking Twitter Tweetererlyfords … with nearly 100 posts during the PBW, does this dude sleep?  Impressive.

And the People?

But for those of you who just “couldn’t make it out” to any of the Philly Beer Week events, if you really want to know the absolute best part of it all?  The amazingly rare and delicious Beer was phenomenal, of course, but it was the PEOPLE who made this city the GREATEST BEER SCENE in the world. 

Many argued for this event to stay in March (hot June days +  big beers were cited as the primary reasons), but I will go out on a limb and say that most of us in the craft beer scene prefer to NOT be lumped into the nonsense that goes on at the binge-beer-drinking events that take place through our city during March.  For the remainder of this year, and into PBW 2011, let’s continue to prove to the world that:

a)      beer is the most interesting and versatile beverage you can enjoy

b)      beer can be consumed by responsible individuals in limited quantities

c)      people who choose craft beer also choose class, without pretentiousness

d)      Philadelphia is still the City of Brotherly Love, full of REALLY GREAT PEOPLE

Big Thank You to all the Philly Beer Week organizers, Brewers, Bar Owners, Distributors, and Reps for making this such an incredible 10 days.   Cheers to all the great people that we had a chance to meet this past week, and here’s to a great year ahead!

So what was YOUR favorite part(s) of PBW 2010?  Leave us a Comment below…

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One Response to Philly Beer Week 2010

  1. cambria says:

    Our pal Zac really enjoyed The Triple Karmeliet, Sly Fox Chester Company Bitter, Port Brewing Mongo Double IPA and Etienne Dupont Cider!

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